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     My graduation dissertation was "The Implementation of Computer-Assisted Language". That was a period that I spent most of time to study very hard in my life. 8 years ago, there were no iPhone, no Facebook; we surfed on the internet just for fun, for daily news, for chat, for simple games; even using computer for education was not the mainstream and not convenient. I was too young to feel the importance of this subject, just because of my thesis instructor designated me to do it. I never thought that one day I will continue this theme in my work, and to promote it, I feel incredible, and the fate of joy.


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7:02am の 5 月 17, 2011 にある Midori のコメント


It's a trend and also a truth that we can get whatever information by surfing the internet though I-PHONE, FACEBOOK and so on.

7:05am の 5 月 17, 2011 にある Midori のコメント


You are talented my dearest sister =)

7:06am の 5 月 17, 2011 にある +:+ Tiffany +:+ のコメント
You are my best sister! :D


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この「世界のグロー ビッシュ」は、英語ベースの国際的なコミュニケーションの道具として考案され、母国語(日本語)の影響を受けながら英語を学ぶ読者さんが早く世界に出てい くことを応援するために作られました。グロー ビッシュの基本的な構造を理解していただくため、一文づつ日本語に翻訳してあります。


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